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This is a .44 caliber love letter straight from my heart

Sifting through weathered photo albums
Does it make a difference?
Looking for gloriously aged polaroids
This is the way it is

my weekend has been a lotta fun.. not really in the mood to type anything out but yeah.
today me and my mom went shopping. and didnt fight once.. wow...
i dont have much to say anymore.. my mind is kind of blank.. im happy, and i dont have enough time to think.. i dont really have feelings at the moment..

You think it really would make a difference? Would I hang on the beach in perfect black and hide?
Of places you've never been.
I broke through this hollow shell that once held me so tight I couldn't breathe
A place to accept you don't exist
Come with me, jump off the edge

(x) snuck out of the house
(x) gotten lost in your city
(x ) saw a shooting star
(x) been to any other countries besides the united states
( ) had a serious surgery
(x) gone out in public in your pajamas
(x ) kissed a stranger
(x) hugged a stranger
( ) been arrested
(x) done drugs
(x) had alcohol
(x) pushed all the buttons on an elevator
( ) made out in an elevator
(x) swore at your parents
(x) kicked a guy where it hurts
(x) been in love.. :-[
(x) been to a casino
(x) broken a bone
(x) been high
(x) skinny-dipped
(x) skipped school
(x) flashed someone
(x) saw a therapist
(x) done the splits
(x) played spin the bottle
( ) gotten stitches
(x) had an IV
( ) drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
(x) bitten someone
(x) been to Niagara Falls
(x) gotten the chicken pox
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) kissed a member of the same sex
( ) crashed into a friend's car
( ) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi
(x) been dumped
(x) been rejected.. i dont know if it technically counts if he never knew :-[ :-/
(x) shoplifted
( ) been fired
( ) ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
( ) stole something from your job
(x) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
( ) had a crush on a teacher
( ) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
( ) been to Europe
( ) slept with a co-worker
( ) been married
( ) gotten divorced
( ) had children
(x) saw someone die- whoah, cruise times. right next door.
( ) been to Africa
(x) Driven over 400 miles in one day-- well my dad has and i was in the car :-D lol
(x) Been to Canada
(x) Been to Mexico
(X) Been on a plane
(x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Thrown up in a bar-- well if it counts, haha we made a pit stop on our way down to florida and i had to pee and i ended up throwing up :-x. yuck!!
(x) Purposely set a part of yourself on fire
(x) Eaten Sushi-- nasty.
(x) love someone or miss someone right now-- always and forever<3
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