carbabixo (carbabixo) wrote,

my life started out way to young.
my experiences were one of an adult.
i remember back to childhood.
that childhood didnt really last long.
my mistakes. but what are you to do when you can never go back again?

trying to remember when things got so crazy.
guess i cant really remember when i was sane.
its weird my life flashes before my eyes.
i am just me. thats all i see in myself.
but i am not anything else.
i am not an alcohol drinker
i am not a pot smoker
i am not a slut or whore.
i am just simply carly.
then comes more in depth thoughts.
well i made some mistakes.
but what am i supposed to do about it now,
theres no turning back.

i think my life started out way too young.
i wasnt ready.

i still am not.

i would also enjoy to find a boyfriend. i need to love. and be loved in return. how amazing it would be :]
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