carbabixo (carbabixo) wrote,

today was just beautiful outside.
that makes me very happy. it smells like summer. and im hella excited for that to come. OOO :-D

i ate ver good today then i come home from lax and i ate everything in site. AHH. this time of the month = gay. ahahah. uhm school has been easy. but ive been failing basically everything. senioritis. and im only a freshman? hm not good.

i think
i have a crush

just a crush though. it probably wont go any further.

whho you ask?! MUAHhaha youll never know. i love the thought of having something of mine to keep. yeah uhh

the new weezer album came out today. im def gonna hve to get it since im listening to it and its veryy good.

this is sad i have absolutley nothing to talk about, and im filling up this page with random thoughts off the top of my head..
no thoughts in head. i guess its not as bad as i make it out to seem. but then i just feel so boring.

im raedng smack again. thts my favorite book it sreiosly taught me so much about everything.

everything is free. thats a secret. the only thing that isnt is you
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