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so this weekend was a lot of fun.
friday i hung out wit meliss sam n leah. we saw amiville horror. very good i must say. then we played in the rain, and took randoom picturess. ahah
saturday i hung out wit meliss sam leah nicole alexa aaron n evan.. we went to jasons party then we went over my house. which was kind ov boring and i was paranoid and pms to the extreme. we went to the park and chilled around which it was very cold and wet. yucky. yeah i was a bitch im sorry :[. haha.

then later alexa slept over n we hung out wit joe and ben and went to meijors and jasons party. ahah everybody was passed out there. then we chilld @ joes and watched harold and kumar and alexa paitned a pretty sunset.

im really glad ive been hanging out with more girls lately.. and ive been meeting so many different people who i LOVE. i dont know things are going really good for me lately.

anyways sunday was fun too. i went to royal oak with my mom and got a cd and a book. and i love both because im just a loser like that. 8-). then i got dropped off at melissas. we learned are abc's. muahahahah. and then her family <3 came over for jasons and andis bday dinner!! i am in love with her family. it was just so great watching them play kareoke. haha it really made me feel like at home they were all singing together and dancing and laughing. i raelly loved it. then me n melissa did homework and fell asleep.

so now its monday which is yucky. whatever t hough. i guess thast all i have to say.
<3 love you
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