carbabixo (carbabixo) wrote,


in approximatly 12 and a half hours.
my life will begin again. i will be complete.
ahhh i just live for summer

sumersumersummersummersummersummersummer. i just cant beleive how fast this years gone by.

ahh!ahhdsjfskldjfskdljf~!! i want to fucking take off my clothes and run around and scraem and dance and sing and go crazy. but ill contain myself for another 12 and a half hours.

im just fucking happy that this is my last day of stress, dumb boys, caring way to much, worrying about waking up early after getting 2 hours of sleep.

just think: bonfires, parties, late night walks, summer stars and moon, summer skys, tans, boys, drinking, shady parks, driving around, walking around, all the changes, the beautiful colors. GAHH

and ilove my friends. every fucking one of you. wether weve said two words this whole year, or weve hung out, or weve been together pracitcally every day. i fucking love you

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